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A little bit about us....     We are the  Liblik family. Toomas, TJ, and myself, Debbie. We are so excited to be able to have this opportunity to play in the gym once again. You see, this is where Toomas and I met over 19 years ago. I was the manager for several years, he was the guy who stopped at the desk daily and finally won my heart. A few years later, we added TJ to our already large family. Many of you members may remember him as a newborn helping me run the place. He is now in High School. The gym was sold, I went into teaching, Toomas is still in construction, and after many many years, here we are again. Opening  a gym with ever changing Covid rules is no easy task! We are asking for your patience and understanding while we do our best to navigate the process. Hours will be shorter for the time being as we are required to be here all hours of business. We must check in members, deep clean mid- day, as well as the end of the day. We are here for you. It's great to be back!
Toomas, Debbie, & TJ Liblik

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